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Women fought for what they belived in and in 1807, Shanton & Anthony formed an (National Womens Suffrage Association) which wanted every on man and women to have equal rights.

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Why wouldn't they? Women wanted to participate in how our country was going to turn out, too.

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Q: Why did womens want to vote?
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A movement to end womens suffrage would be trying to abolish womens?

right to vote

What did Nelly do?

she gave womens' right to vote

What is womens suffrage?

Women Right To Vote

What did the womens suffrage movement lead to?

The Women's Suffrage Movement caused women to have the right to vote for a President.It led to womens sufferage - getting the "right to vote".

Who was one of the most important women to vote for womens rights to vote?

Susan B. Anthony

Who gained the womens rights to vote?

Susan B. Anthony

What did the woman's suffrage movement led to?

Womens right to vote

What was aname for the people who supported womens right to vote?


Why womens have the right to vote?

Women have a right to vote because they work the same, they are as intelligent as men are, and they are people!!!!!!

What did Emmeline Pankhurst do to save the womens rights to vote and for them to count?

She chained herself to rails to get the right for women to vote

What year did the Republican Party endourse the womens right to vote?


What is suffrage?

The right to vote.