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Good for the countries in terms of $$$$..but long term may cause a shortage in supply when demand high and developed countries pay less $$$ for it apparently African states export unprocessed raw materials because industry not gud enough in community.

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Q: Why do African countries export unprocessed raw materials to developed countries?
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How do you use raw material in a sentence?

Many African countries have a large amount of raw materials ,but they haven't developed very well

Why are African countries of different development?

If you are meaning why are African counties LEDC's (Less economically developed county) it could be as they are just not as well off as other countries. I do believe there are a few African countries that are MEDC's (More economically developed country) It also has to do with the leaders, trades, the weather. A lot of things contribute to it. How the leaders run the country, the trades importing and exporting of foods, materials, clothing, etc. Also the weather as there is little rain, the crops wont survive to their full potential.

What is ledc?

LEDC means Less Economically Developed Countries. Those consist of mostly African and Asian countries. MEDC's are More Economically Developed Countries, consisting of European and North American countries.

Is Ethiopia a developing nation or a developed nations?

developing nation african countries are still developing

Why was it difficult for some newly independent African countries to govern themselves?

It was difficult for some newly independent African countries to govern themselves as they had already developed some dependency. As a matter of fact, most African countries still struggle to manage their affairs as a nation.

How did the Atlantic slave trade lead to the African diaspora?

Large communities of Africans developed in the countries where slaves were sold.

What should be done by African countries in order to get a maximum of profits from cooperation between them and developed countries?

Rapport building and human touch.abondoning violent methods and terrorism.

What could face the people of ledc countries?

ms th LEDC means Less Economically Developed Countries. Those consist of mostly African countries. LEDC's are non-industrial. at pea LEDC?

Why was the African iron age different from that of other regions?

The African Iron Age was different from other regions because it developed independently, without influence from other societies. African ironworking techniques were developed locally and spread throughout the continent, leading to unique styles and technologies. Additionally, the availability of materials and environmental factors played a significant role in shaping the African Iron Age.

Is neocolonialism the source of African countries being underdeveloped?

Neocolonialism is certainly a part of the reason that African countries are underdeveloped. The exploitation of Africa's resources by wealthy foreign businesses (European, American, Chinese, and Russian) prevents the governments and peoples of these countries from properly profiting from these resources themselves. However, neocolonialism is not the only reason for African country's underdevelopment. Some other very important reasons are: internal corruption within African governments, ethnic and tribal disputes, low levels of national unity, infrastructure failures, lack of industrial development, poor allocation of foreign AID money, and high tariffs and non-tariff barriers on African products in developed countries and/or subsidies for domestically-produced equivalents in developed countries that shut out African competitors.

What factor has helped make commercial farming in developed countries more successful than subsistence farming in developing countries?

Modern technology and equipment because developing countries such as African countries doesn't have the same technology as European countries,or other countries related to their technology and equipment.

What has the author Mbane Hugh Ngwira written?

Mbane Hugh Ngwira has written: 'Financial liberalisation and economic growth in African less developed countries'