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I don't hat April 15th so i don't know why other people hate April 15th.!!!!!

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Q: Why do all Americans hate April 15th?
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Why do all Americans hate April 15?

It's the federal tax filing deadline date.

Do Australians hate African Americans?

no I'm Australian (Sydney) and i don't hate them at all

Why do Americans hate men in speedos?

Not all Americans do. Every person us different.

What amendment gurantees to former slaves and all African Americans to vote?

The 15th Amendment.

Do french people really don't like Americans?

Not all french hate americans. It depends on the person.

Why did all the baseball players wear number 42 on April 15th 2009?

it was Jackie Robinson day

Why do some people hate Americans?

Some hate them out of ignorance, just like any prejudiced people hate another people. Some see Americans as arrogant, lazy and bullish, which no doubt some people can be, but not all.

How many Americans dye their hair to cover up grey?

You'd be suprised. I'd say about 80% of all gray americans. The answer is unsure. But Americans hate being called old.

What is the status of african americans during reconstruction?

Granted by the 14th and 15th Amendment they were US citizens to all effects and had the right to vote.

Why do some Americans appear to hate every other country even though their population is mainly from other countries?

While it is always possible to find some people who dislike any country you choose, Americans as a people do not hate all other countries.

What date must all citizens have filed their income tax paper work?

Unless there is an extension, tax returns should be filed by April 15th.... Individuals can request extensions with the final day allowed is October 15th..

Are women allowed to vote under the 15th amendment?

No, the 15th Amendment allowed all males to vote (the amendment was intended to allow African Americans to vote). Women could not vote (in most circumstances) until the 19th Amendment.