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The government has many instruments towards which they can weaken if not strip a citizen rights with. One tool involves placing a system of permits and taxation on an otherwise natural and constitutional right. These regulations and authority granting regime can use their discretion to make the right expensive or impossible to those with political connections. The right to bear arms and freedom of speech can often require permits and registration. Poll taxes were another government scheme of using taxation and bureaucracy to prevent the exercise of an unalienable right. to vote.

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Speaking from the wording of the United States Declaration of Independence the government doesn't not have the right to control the peoples, life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness.

However, the US does have the right to pass laws to protect the people from injustices and crimes that could committed against them.

However, the morality of control that the government currently has, could be deemed as a breach of liberty by the founding fathers. The government controls what we put in our body, what we see on TV, what we hear on the radio.

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Because we live in a society rather than separately as hermits. People's freedoms, in a society, often run into each other, and people start taking advantage and treating others poorly or even physically harming or abusing them. In order to live in a society, people have to respect other people's freedoms... not just their own, and because many people do not do this willingly, we have to have government and laws and ways to enforce the rules that people, in exercising their own freedoms, cannot infringe on the freedoms of others. All rules, to a greater or lesser degree, are about that.

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cause they're greedy bastards

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Q: Why do governments restrict people's freedom?
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