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it's all about the adrenaline rush they get from it, they might get pleasure or pain from it. some people just like commiting crimes

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Q: Why do people commit crime when they know that they will be punished?
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Do youth commit crime?

Yes, many youth have commited crimes. they are protected under the youth crimanal justice act. I know of people who have commited crimes and are not adults yet. Adults commit more crimes but youth still commit some of them.

Was crime more of a problem today or in the roman era?

Crime is more of a problem today because in roman times it was punishable by death so less people commited any crimes,where as today people dont realy care if they commit a crime because they know they will get away with it.

Can you be arrested before you turn 16?

I don't know, can you commit a crime before you turn 16?

Is it a crime letting someone commit suicide?

If you know about it and don't tell anyone, then yes, i believe it is

What happens when a person didn't commit a crime at all but was with the person who did commit the crime?

If you were with a person who committed the crime, you are an accessory to a crime. (There are exceptions. It depends on what you mean by the word with. If you were with a person and totally unaware he was going to commit a crime and did nothing to participate in the crime, there may be an exception. I know of one case where a woman discovered she was with a drug dealer. She took her stuff and walked to the bus station and caught a bus. The law left her alone.) It depends on what you knew and when you knew it and what you did about it.

Why does crime still persist?

There are several reasons why crime still persists. Even though human society has changed a lot over the past 8000 years or so, human beings have not changed very much. We are still, on the whole, a selfish and foolish species. Selfish people like to cheat. This can be done by committing crimes. But there are various other reasons why people commit crime besides selfishness. Some people are unable to control their anger, and therefore commit crimes of violence. Some people are insane and don't know what they are doing, or don't know why it is wrong to commit crimes. Some people are motivated by religious fanaticism. Some people have political motivations. If you believe that a law is unjust, you may not be willing to obey it. And unjust laws do exist. Drug addicts are often compelled by their addiction to commit crimes.

What was the only crime punished by death in the book anthem?

The only crime punished by death in the book "Anthem" is the crime of wanting to know or think independently, which is seen as a threat to the collective society and the ruling authority. Individuality and free thinking are strictly forbidden in the world depicted in the novel.

Why do you have to show your ears in a passport photo?

To Know your full features if your commit a crime or what such, one of the specification to find you if you have deformed ears will be it.

What might happen if you loaned your car and it was used in a crime?

If you knew they planned to use the vehicle in a crime then you could be found guilty of being an accessory and assisting in the commission of a crime. If you did not know they were going to commit a crime then you are simply unfortunate to have a friend who is a criminal.

Are people who stay around people who commit crimes just as guilty as those who commit crimes?

Defining ''stay'' ....... as with them, YES. ........ In the car while they are commiting a crime, YES. even if you ar not in the building with them, If they leave and get in their car, or yours it does not matter, and IF THEY are persued and caught with you, you will be charged. KNOW WHAT YOUR PEOPLE DO BEFORE GETTING INVOLVED, AND HANGING OUT. It might even cost you your life..........

I know a man who slept with over a dozen women and got several pregnant in several states and owes 2 people child support and the other women can't find him yet did he commit a crime and if yes what?

yes i believe he did commit a crime if he knows that he got them pregnant, and is hiding from paying child support. i think he can get fined for that, but doubt they would bother if he eventually paid up.

Is suicide a crime?

If you commit suicide it can't be a crime. If you attempt it in the United States it is still not a crime. India and Singapore are the only countries that I know punish for attempted suicide by 1 to 5 years in prison. It could technically be counted as a crime; however, there is no punishment conceivable for someone who has committed suicide, as they are already dead and therefore cannot feel or care about anything (unless they are watching somehow from heaven).