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Self-preservation is a natural human instinct.

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Q: Why do people fight for their lives?
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What is the threat of war?

the threat is that people risk their lives in wars and fight for peace

How did expansion of the roman republic affect people's lives?

It effected people by having to work for slaves and women having to make swords and shields for the men to fight with.

How does cancer impact people's lives?

Cancer is one of the terminal disease that many of the people today fight with. We have lost so many people with this disease but still today, those who are inflicted with this still fight the disease and the advances of technology allow for many to go on remission and totaly be free of cancer. The impact it has on people's lives is great since it is one of the top disease causing death especially among children and women.

Why Do People Get Angry And Fight other people when they tease them?

They kind've want nothing else to do so they're hopeless. They don't want anything to do with them. Some people are bullies they're lives are worst.

How has laptops changed peoples lives?

it changed people's now they have to fight over there home computer and it's just really nice to have your own

What is islamic values and moral development?

Islamic values and moral development encourages all Muslim to respect people's lives and fight for their religion.

What threat does Prince Excalus make against the enemies of the peace?

He tells them that if they fight, their lives will pay the cost. Meaning the people fighting, will die.

Did dinosaurs fight?

they bite each other for there lives.

What are the release dates for In Our Lives - 1980 Fight Fire with Fire 8-2?

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Why did people fight during the California gold rush?

There was a lot of claim jumping during the Gold Rush. The fights had to do with who owned a working claim.

Who would win a fight between a sun bear and a leopard?

The fight would never happen because the sun bear lives in India and parts of Southeast Asia and the leopard lives in Africa.

What doess rights and freedoms mean?

they fight for your freedom and if there went people out there t0 fight we would all be fighting for our lives right at this very moment