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Since the beginning of the country, there have always been those who believed the nation should stay out of the affairs of others. One famous isolationist was the great flyer, Charles Lindbergh. They generally believe that the US should exist only for the benefit of its own citizens.

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Q: Why do some people in the US today support limited overseas ties?
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How is limited government used today?

It was put into practice with two other main documents(1628) Petition of Rights and (1668)English Bills of Rights. Because the Magna Carta only provided the basis principle of limited government. The United States government works for the "poeple" and is elect by the "people".

How do the federalists arguments in support of government power reflect issues facing Americans today?

it helps alot of the issues

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What principal behind the constitution guarantees that a person's freedom cannot be taken away?

They CAN be taken, but it is the responsibility of the people to make sure that they aren't through voting and election of members of the government. Even though the constitution makes the beautiful statement that rights are God given it takes the structure of the constitution to make sure they are protected. It takes a press willing to expose corruption, people knowing the issues, people voting, petition of the government to remove laws that are against rights, and understanding history as well as how government works. Our idea about basic freedoms today is different than in 1789 when the constitution was written. Today people think they have the right to be happy, but there is nothing in the constitution or government that ensures the happiness of individuals. It is up to each of us to ensure our happiness.

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