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There were several reasons they thought this. The main one was just to be free from Britain's control. Another was the Proclamation of 1763, which forbade the colonists to expand past the proclamation line after they had won the French and Indian War, because the king did not want to deal with the Native Americans, who wanted to keep their land. Also, the Patriots felt they were the victims of "taxation without representation" meaning that Britain was taxing them without letting them have a say in the government, which they felt was unfair.

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Q: Why do the Patriots want to be free from English rule?
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Why did uncle tom want to be free?

because they are tired of being told what to do and being under the kings rule when they are patriots not loyalist.

How were the patriots different then the loyalist?

Patriots did not want to remain under British rule while the Loyalists did.

How did the patriots fell about the British rule?

They wanted to free from it because they were tired of "taxation without representation" and they didn't want to pay taxes that only benefitted King George.

Why did colonists want to be patriots instead of loyalists?

they wanted to be patriots because they wanted to be free from the king of england.

What did Loyalists and Patriots want?

The Loyalists wanted to be ruled by Great Britain and the Patriots wanted to be free from Great Britain.

What did the loyalists and patriots want?

The Loyalists wanted to be ruled by Great Britain and the Patriots wanted to be free from Great Britain.

Why didnt the patriots want King George to rule them?

George Washington was an inspiration to them. They had great respects for him. He was also a strong leader to the partriots.

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Why would you want to join the Patriots and not the Loyalists?

Joining the Patriots would be preferable to joining the Loyalists for a number of reasons. Firstly, the Patriots were fighting for independence and the establishment of a democratic government, which aligns with principles of freedom and self-determination. Secondly, the Patriots were seen as more representative of the common people and their interests, while the Loyalists were often associated with a more elitist class. Lastly, joining the Patriots offered the opportunity to shape the future of a new nation, rather than remaining loyal to British rule.