Why do you need to respect superior?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Respect of Elders is simply recognising their place in society as being more experienced and have a wealth of knowledge and should be given the benefit of the doubt when interacting with them . Imagine where your life is right now and what you expect from your younger siblings or even your children. They naturally respect your size, wisdom and place in the family unit. Well, elders are in the same position we will find ourselves in one day and thus we should apply the natural moral of "treat others as you wish to be treated" past, future and presently. This will align our perspective/attitude with the correct way to see elders if our perspective isn't of respect for them already.

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It is not a rule to respect superior, but a culture. It is because, in early ages, the adults and old people gave easier and better solution to problems. So it was considered that the elders are more intelligent, as a result people used to respect them, but in this time and period, we must first use our brain and then follow the right path, and there is the culture to respect the elders yet but if they are wrong we can choose our path.

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Q: Why do you need to respect superior?
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if you want someone to respect you, you need to respect them back. respect people the same way you would to be tread as well.We should respect them as they do with us. Be patient with them.


Because if you don't respect someone, they don't respect you. And if you don't understand that, try googling the word "respect" and see how appealing it looks to you O.o

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Insubordination is the failure to respect the authority of a superior, or to flagrantly dispute or disagree with a designated superior. For example, bad behavior is an ordinary disciplinary matter, but stating that you refused to stop that behavior would be insubordinate.