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i think you can see the line easilt

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Q: Why do you think that the mercator projection is considered the best for plotting direction?
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Why do you think the Mercator projection is considered the best for plotting direction?

i think you can see the line easilt

Why do you think that the Mercator projection is consider the best for plotting direction?

i think you can see the line easilt

Why do you think that the Mercator projection is considered the best for plotting directions?

i think you can see the line easilt

Why do you think the Mercator projection is the Best for plotting directions?

i think you can see the line easilt

Who would use a mercator projection?

The Mercator projection is commonly used in navigation because it preserves straight lines, which facilitates course plotting. It is also widely used for world maps in education and cultural contexts due to its familiarity and the way it emphasizes high-latitude countries.

Which projection is the great circle chart?

The great circle chart is a type of navigational projection known as an orthographic projection. It displays the Earth's surface as if projected onto a flat plane from an infinite distance, resulting in great circles appearing as straight lines. This projection is useful for plotting and navigating along the shortest route between two points on the Earth's surface.

What does plotting a course of a ship mean?

Plotting a ships course is done on a map. One would draw lines (plot) on a map of the seas to indicate the direction of travel.

What is a compass rose on a map used for?

It is used for direction finding on a map when plotting a route.

What can plotting compasses be used to detect?

A plotting compass is used to detect which direction the North Pole is located. You can stand in any position and it will always point north. +++ That's a navigation compass. A plotting compass will indeed point to the Earth's Magnetic North Pole (not the axis pole), if not influenced by any other magnet; but its purpose is in plotting the magnetic field around a magnet.

When plotting coordinates on a graph which direction do you move first?

across Good way to remember it, along the corridor then up the stairs.

What is a plotting compass?

A plotting compass is a small magnet which is suspended and is free to rotate. When it is near a magnet, the compass will always point in a particular direction (the north pole's direction) becasue of the force of the magnetic field.

What variable is placed in the y axis or vertical axis?

which is considered as dependent on the variable on x axis which is considered as independent variable in the plotting of graph