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because then by choosing the people for state mayor would be easier than trying to control the nation as one

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Q: Why do you think the colonists wanted state governments to have more power than the central government?
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What did the anti federalist ask for?

They wanted a weak Central Government, and stronger state governments. They opposed the ratification of the Constitution.

What was a goal of the Anti-Federalists?

Keep the power in state governments, not in the federal government. They wanted a weak central government, with strong local leaders.

Who were the advocates of centralization and why did they want to alter or abolish the Articles of Confederation?

The Federalists wanted a strong central government. The Articles called for a weak central government with the confederation having their own governments.

Who wanted a strong government?

The Federalists wanted a strong central government.

Why did writers of articles of confederation purposely created a weak central government?

The American colonists were afraid of a strong overpowering government, similar to that of Parliment is Britain.

Why did the colonists reject king George's plan?

Because the local colonial governments would have to give up their power.

Federalists wanted a strong what?

The federalist wanted a strong Federal/Central government.

How did colonialism affect the development of government in south America?

The colonists wanted some type of government to rule over them, instead of just one person. Hint the reason why there has been a lot of different types of governments, because some types of governments they didn't like and it didn't work.

Did anti federalists want the states or central government to have more power?

Federalists favored the passage of the US Constitution. Anti-Federalists opposed passage because, among other things, they thought the Constitution gave too much power to the federal government at the expense of the state governments. So clearly the Federalists wanted stronger national government and the Anti-Federalists wanted a weaker national government (and, in a zero-sum game, stronger state governments). The ensuing discussion led to the Bill of Rights.

How did the federalists feel about a strong central government?

The Federalists wanted a strong central government whereas the Republicans feared a strong central government.

Who wanted a central government for the US?


The colonists originally wanted a peaceful settlement with the English government?