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Congress does not have the expertise to fully regulate all subject, therefore it transfers some of its authority to an agency that does.

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Q: Why does congress delegate authority?
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Who was the largest delegate at the second continental congress?

Who was the largest delegate at the second continental congress

Why would Congress want to give up policy making authority to the exxecutive branch?

Congress was authorized to delegate some policy making to the executive branch. In recent decades, Congress has practically given up its legislative and regulatory authority by delegating most of it to the executive branch.

How can you use the words congress and delegate in a sentence about the Albany Plan of Union?

it is a delegate and congress on the answers

A supervisor or manager may delegate authority but what may they not delegate?

Personal responsibility

Was Hancock a delegate to the second continental congress?

John Hancock served as the President of the Second Continental Congress, and was sent to the Congress by the state of Massachusetts as a delegate.

What does it mean to delegate authority?

To delegate authority, authority is split up between members of a government or team. For instance, if a boss tells each employee to do a specific task, they are delegating.

How long is the term of office for the delegate to congress in the US Virgin Islands?

Term term of office for a Virgin Island Delegate to COngress is two years.

Who did the articles of confederation grant the authority to govern the country while congress was not in session?

The articles of confederation granted the authority to govern the country while Congress was not in session to a committee known as the "committee of the states." This committee consisted of one delegate from each state, and it had limited powers to make decisions and execute certain functions on behalf of Congress.

Was Jefferson a delegate to the second continental congress?


French delegate who attended Congress of Vienna?


The Constitution does NOT delegate to the Congress?

The power that is reserved to the states.

Can Congress delegate power to the executive branch?