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Because they believe the nation needs these law

forexample, few american want to pay higher taxes, but in 1990, congress passed laws that raised taxes for millions of people.

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Yes because, it is what is best for the people and what needs to be done. Everyone should obide by the law because in th Constitution it states no one is above the law.

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Q: Why does congress sometimes pass laws that many people dislike?
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What role do the people have in creating a law?

The common citizens elect the Congress members, who write the laws. If the people dislike a law that Congress passes, they can elect new members to repeal the unliked law.

Why do the Welsh dislike the English?

Historically, England has not been very good to Wales. They have passed laws outlawing the use of Welsh in many public settings. Unfortunately, the ill will towards the government of England and its unpopular laws may sometimes spill over and become dislike of English people also.

Why do people allow child labor laws?

People have to tolerate the laws Congress passes.

Who writes us laws?

Citizens, the congress, and the president. Basically the citizens sometimes send the idea in, the congress and president approve it.

Who creates federal laws?


Who do you think makes the laws?

Laws are made by groups of people, for example, by a Congress.

Before congress wrote laws we had?

Before Congress wrote laws, we pretty much had oral and verbal agreements. In order to validate these agreements, however, laws had to be written for and by the people.

Is congress exempt from laws they pass?

Congress is not exempt from the laws they pass. Laws passed by the federal government apply to all citizens of the United States, even the people who make them.

Who votes for laws in congress-individual voters or their representatives?

Laws from Congress come from the votes of Representatives (On behalf of the People) and from the votes of the Senate (On behalf of the States).

Do both the house of representatives and the senate makes laws?

no the only people who make laws are congress

Where are laws made in china?

The president, following the decision of the National People's Congress (NPC), publicizes laws

Congress not have the authority to do?

Congress cannot pass any laws about marriage. Congress, itself, is not allowed to tax people. They can't borrow money, either.