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They take so long because they make it so they don't do anything wrong

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Q: Why does it take so long to pass a bill?
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How many votes are needed to pass a bill in the house?

There are 435 representatives in the 218 is required to pass a bill in the house -- unless there are vacancies. If there are vacancies then it's 50% of the votes + 1.

What happens when the house and senate pass different versions of the same bill?

A bill must pass through both the house and senate in identical versions. So, if the senate were to make changes to a bill and pass it after it made it trough the house, it would then go back to the house to be passed again and visa versa. Also, the two houses may create a joint committee to workout the changes that have been made to the bill, so it will then make it through both the house and senate identically.

How many votes are need to pass a bill the first time through the houses of congress?

A simple majority ( more than half) of those voting in each house is needed to pass a bill. In the Senate the vice-president has the option of breaking a tie, so 50-50 vote from the Senators might pass it. The House has an odd number of voters so a tie is less likely, but a tie vote would defeat a bill.

Why is the committee so important to the house and senate?

The proposed bill is sent to a committee, that committee is usually specialized is whatever field the bill would apply to. Plus the committee must approve the bill for it to pass along to the next step in the process.

Why does the Constitution provide for free and unlimited debate in Congress?

This is done so that in order for a bill to pass, it must be agreed upon by a majority of the senate.

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Why does it take so long for a bill to pass?

They take so long because they make it so they don't do anything wrong

Why so long president to sign a bill?

The bill must pass lots of people in order to be signed in as a law. For example it must pass the Senate, House, and more! Healthcare passed! :)

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Why did Rhode Island take so long to ratify?

It insisted on having a Bill of Rights.

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How many house of representatives votes needed to implement legislation?

A simple majority of the number that vote. There are 435 Representatives in the House. Not all vote on every bill. So if say, 100 vote on a particular bill, it would take 51 "Yeas" to pass. If 410 vote, it would take 206 to pass.

Why did it take so long for Rhode Island so long to join the Union under the US Constitution?

Because they wanted (No, they insisted on and demanded) a Bill of Rights.

Will Bill S978 Pass?

I doubt it will pass. the way the bill is worded is too broad. and it is unconstitutional. Predicting the future is near impossible, so all we can give is opinions, we cannot predict whether it will or will not pass.

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