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You should see me shake my fist at this question ! lol

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Q: Why does language need gesture?
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What is a nonverbal gesture?

body language

Is gesture and body language the same?

Gestures are an element of body language. A gesture might include something like a wave of the hand. Body language that is not gesturing includes posturing, such as the way someone sits.

What does the gesture mean in sign language to rub your elbow?

A CheapStake!

What does the gesture mean in sign language to slap your elbow?


What are the examples of body language in communication?

gesture facail expression

What does the gesture mean in sign language to touch your elbows together?

you are ungry

Need a sentence for the word gesture?

It is wise to restrain yourself from using any gesture in unfamiliar territory.

What does it mean when you gesture with your forefinger and pinky finger up?

Means I LOVE YOU in sign language.

What is the symbolism of a middle finger?

It is an obscene hand gesture which is not appropriate as it contains bad language.

Can gesture communicate deeply as language?

The saying goes "actions speak louder than words" which doesn't always mean they're deeper than words used thoughtfully. Body language can communicate emotions very well, even code like semaphore. One person might need the words: I love you when another only needs a hug. Mime can cross language barriers, but just the sound of a home language can mean everything to a person. It depends what's important at the time. Gesture communicates deeper than any spoken language when those involved in a conversation--the sender and the receiver--do not have or share a common language. If you don't understand English for instance, and someone says, go...go...go... and his gesture indicates come, you are most likely going to move towards the speaker. Here gesture communicates deeper than the spoken word.

What has the author Robin Allott written?

Robin Allott has written: 'The motor theory of language origin' -- subject(s): Language and languages, Origin 'The physical foundation of language' -- subject(s): Gesture, Phonetics, Semantics, Symbolism 'The great mosaic eye' -- subject(s): Gesture, Human evolution, Language and languages, Origin, Philosophy

How do you sign quiet in sign language?

Place the finger to the lips, and make the "Shh" souund/gesture