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The first article of the US Constitution focuses on Congress rather than the executive or judicial branches of government. The purpose of this is the structure of the legislative branch of government. This branch consists of the senate and the house of representatives who are direct links to the citizens within their states. The government was designed to operate based on the voices of the people.

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The framers were intent on stressing the central role of the legislative branch in the new government because it is the branch that most directly represents the people and is most responsive to them.

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Q: Why does the first article of the constitution focus on congress rather than on the presidency or the courts?
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Who created constitutional and special courts based on Article III of the Constitution?


Which Article of the Constitution extablished the federal courts?

Article III, Section 1 of the Constitution established the Supreme Court and authorized the Congress to establish inferior courts, which would be the remainder of the federal court system.

What type of inferior courts are listed in the US Constitution?

No types of inferior courts are listed in the US Constitution. The Constitution sets up the Supreme Court in Article III but leaves it to Congress to set up other inferior courts as it sees fit. In addition to the Article III power to create inferior courts, Article I also empowers Congress to create tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court but likewise does not describe what type they might be.

What is the only federal court set up by the constitution?

Congress has established a lot of courts in the federal judiciary; the Constitution gives them that power in Article I. The only court specifically mentioned in the Constitution is the US Supreme Court, which was mandated by Article III of the Constitution, but established by Congress in the Judiciary Act of 1789.

Who creates additional federal courts?

Congress is vested with the authority to create courts "inferior" to the US Supreme Court in both Article I and Article III of the US Constitution.

What type of courts can Congress establish to assist the US Supreme Court?

Article III of the US Constitution refers to them as "inferior courts."

What is the source of power of the federal courts?

The body of federal laws enacted by the US Congress, and Article III of the Constitution.

Does the US Supreme Court create the inferior courts?

No. Article I, Section 8 and Article III of the Constitution authorizes Congress to create courts "inferior" to the US Supreme Court.

Special courts handle cases that arise from the expressed powers of congress which are detailed in?

Article 1 of the constitution

Article III of the Constitution creates the judicial branch. This article?

grants Congress the authority to establish lower federal courts as it deems fit.

What do the Congress the presidency and the courts compose?

The three branches of the US Government. Congress = Legislative, The President = the Executive , The Courts = Judicial.

All federal courts were established by?

By Congress, primarily in the Judiciary Act of 1789. The exception is the Supreme Court, which was established by the Constitution.