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Unlike the United States employment of constitutional democracy, England or the UK (United Kingdom composed of Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England) uses a type of government known as a"Parliamentary Democracy". In a Parliamentary Democracy like in the UK there is no president, instead they have a Prime Minister who is elected by the majority political party in parliament (somewhat similar to the US congress but resembles a fusion of the executive and legislative branches). A political party takes power in Parliament( Big Ben is the famous clock on the parliament building in London) by getting a majority of votes and using a method called "proportional representation" which assigns seats to members of parliament based on votes. The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is David Cameron.

Within the Parliament there are two main bodies. They are known as the House of Commons (where the power resides and the PM is chosen) and the House of Lords (which requires hereditary appointment and reflects the traditional hierarchy found in the UK. The House of Lords can delay legislation for one year).

Unlike the United States, England or the UK does NOT have a constitution. Instead, British democracy is rooted in custom and a respected tradition of legal precedence going back to the 12th century.

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Q: Why does the prime minister run England?
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What is the job of the prime minister in England?

his job is to run and look after the country and to make laws

Who is prime minister in Nottingham city?

No one is, there is no prime minister of Nottingham forest, but the prime minister of England is the prime minister of Nottingham

Where the prime minister of England lives?

The Prime Minister lives at 10 Downing Street, London England.

Was Margret Thatcher prime minister of England?

Yes she was the first female prime minister of the UK (England)

Who was the first official prime minister of the united kingdom?

For all practical purposes, Robert Walpole was the first prime minister of England. When Parliament elected King George I, the king, parliament elected Robert Walpole, Prime Minister. King George stayed in Europe. He let Walpole run England. Since England does not have a written constitution as does the United States, there is no particular point where England said, "We now have a modern prime minister."

How many prime minister in England?

England only has one prime minister at a time. even now. (One Prime minister, one...vice(?)) But we have had 71 to date.

Who was the Prime Minister of England at the time1948?

Clement Attlee was the British prime minister

What was the street number of England's Prime Minister?

The Prime Minister lives at 10 Downing St. , London. He is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom which is England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, not just England.

Who is in charge of selecting who will run for Prime Minister in Israel?

Who is in charge of selecting who will run for Prime Minister in Israel

Is The Prime Minister of England Gordon Brown in charge on Scotland as well?

Gordon Brown isn't the Prime Minister of England. He is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.Hence, he is in charge of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Who was prime minister of England on October 1938?

Neville Chamberlain. Incidentally, he was Prime Minister of all of the UK, not just England.

Who is the prime minister of enlgand?

David Cameron. It should be noted that England does not have a Prime Minister, but Cameron is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.