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We have fought for equal rights in every lifetime and still haven't won.

Homosexuals have no equality.

Poverty stricken lower class citizens have no equality.

Just imagine living in a world where everyone around you can do things, and because you'll never have money you can't get an education.

That's the world we live in.

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Q: Why doesn't everyone have equal rights?
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Does everyone in Portugal have equal rights?

if you are talking about Equal Rights in the LBGT sense: Gays can marry but they cannot adopt

What was the point of the amendment?

to make sure everyone have the equal rights.

What document guarantee everyone equal rights and religious freedom?

That is the universal declaration of human rights.

Do girls have the same rights as guys?

Everyone is equal, so yes.

Has everyone in the US held equal rights?

no; the Civil Rights Movement was important because it provided equality

Why did the congress add the bill of rights?

So, everyone was have an equal amount of freedom, and so everyone will also have to follow the same rules in the United States.

Does everyone have equal rights in England?

No, for example certain people are not allowed to vote.

What term does miss gates say means equal rights for everyone?

Miss Gates refers to the term "hypocrisy" as meaning equal rights for everyone in Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mockingbird".

What are 4 examples of human rights?

Everyone is born free and equal Everyone has the right to work Everyone has the right to be treated equally in the eyes of the law Everyone has the right to marry < under the UN Declaration of Human Rights

What is an example of equal rights?

Equal rights is the right for everyone regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, or sexual orientation to be treated fairly. Brown versus the Board of Education is an example of an equal rights case. It stopped segregation in schools.

What does it means Equal rights to literacy and education?

Literacy means the ability to read. Equal rights means that everyone has the same rights. So equal rights to literacy means that everyone has the right to learn how to read. It makes sense that education would be included, because once someone knows how to read, they need good things to read. By providing equal rights to literacy and education, we create a place where people can improve their lives and prosper.

What is meant by equality in the UK?

Equality in the UK means that everyone is valued as individuals. It also means that everyone has equal rights.