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As far as I know government uses most if not all amendments every day including the ammendent that specifies how congress should enact their every day responsibilities. The first 10 are the Bill of Rights, stating what every American citizen has a right to. The other amendments state things such as civil rights, the abolishment of slavery, taxation, the organization of the 3 branches of govt., and any number of policies that every citizen uses every day mostly without their knowledge.

Literally, when you walk out the front door every day and go to work you, as a person, are utilizing nearly 60% of the amendments ever created. Heres just a few examples.

When you walk out of your house and go to work. You basically use 12 of the first 13 amendments. When you go get money from a bank and buy something such as liquor, you use amendment 16 and 21. The list could surely go on and on. Congress themselves uses nearly all of the amendments every day to site and debate bills that have come before congress. The very fact that there is a congress at all is use of amendment 20.

So it stands to answer your question that Congress uses several ammendements and the correct question should be What amendment doesn't the government use on a daily basis?

Hope that helps.

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Q: Why doesn't the government use the other amendments other than the ten amendements?
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What document gives the plan for the federal government?

The United States Constitution outlines the structure of the United States government

How many amendments to the United States constitution have been repealed by other amendments?


What do the ninth and tenth amendment do?

The Ninth Amendment states that the Constitution does not deny or disparage other rights that belong to the people, even if they are not specifically mentioned. The Tenth Amendment states that powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved for the states or the people. These amendments emphasize the protection of individual rights and the limitation of the federal government's authority.

What is the last article in the Constitution?

Constitution has three partsPreamble-IntroductionArticles-tell how the government worksAmendments

What amendment can repel other amendments?

it was the 9th amendment

How is the First Amendment different from the other amendments?

The First Amendment is different from the other amendments because it provides for important rights or freedoms, which are freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and expression. It also gives people the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The First Amendment also makes it illegal to make any laws that inhibit any of these expressed freedoms.

What is the purpose of the other sixteen other amendments than the bill of rights?

? you tell me

What are the 10 amendments of ancient rome?

The ten amendments are a feature of the American constitution. Neither the ancient Romans nor any other society since has had the 10 amendments. It is a distinctively American feature .

Why do we have the bill of rights or the other 17 amendments?

why do we have the bill of rights

What gave former slaves the same rights other U.S citizens enjoyed?

The Civil War amendments {APEX}

The 9th and 10th amendments limit powers to what?

The 9th Amendment to the Constitution limits the powers of the government to constrict the rights of the people. This means that the people have other rights besides what is written in the wording of the Constitution. The 10th Amendment says that the government has rights that are also not written into the Constitution.

What are the five powers of the states?

The state government has the power to regulate commerce and provide security. Other powers include establishing local governments, ratify constitutional amendments and provide public health care.