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The number of executive department have grown over the years for many reasons. The main reasoning for this is due to the changes that have taken place within the country. To better serve and secure the land of the United States these department additions have been necessary.

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98 times that's all I know........ sorry

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The number has gone from four to fifteen.

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Q: Why has the number of cabinet departments increased since 1789?
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What are divisions of the federal government with specific areas of responsibility in helping the president carry out laws?

Such are the executive departments, often known as cabinet departments since each is headed by a cabinet secretary appointed by the President.

What do you think would happen if the independent agencies were located within cabinet departments?

They all ready located there. Now, since the Trump administration the departments have added people who want to close or make that department invalid.

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What has been a Cabinet dept since 1947?

war and navy departments were combined in 1947 to form commerce department war and navy departments were combined in 1947 to form defense department war and navy departments were combined in 1947 to form defense department

How did the president's cabinet get the name cabinet?

One of the definitions of cabinet is: a body of advisers of a head of state. Therefore, as a body of advisers to the President of the United States, the term Cabinet is fitting. The name comes from English history and the cabinet of the king of England existed long before there was a United States.

What are cabinet initials since 1979?

Cabinet initials since 1979 are HHS.

Do most government employees work for one of these 15 cabinet departments?

To answer simply: yes To answer with a little more detail: the 15 cabinet departments are part of the executive branch of government--the president's branch, since they were created to help out the president. Statistic wise: In 2005 the government employed about 2.7 million people, and nearly all of them were Executive Branch employees. Only about 64,000 of that 2.7 million worked for the legislative and judicial branches. So yes, most govt. employees work for the executive branch (aka the cabinet departments).my source of wisdom: that helped...

Was the number of unionized workers increased in the US since 1975?


Since 1970 the number of women in the paid workforce has?

increased substantially

How many departments are in Peru?

Peru has 38 departments since 2009

How has the cabinet changed since 1950?

How many positions in the president's cabinet in 1950?

Why is the president's cabinet important?

The members of the President's cabinet each serve as the head of one of the major departments of the federal government. All of these departments spend vast amounts of money and most of them perform services that many people depend on. Therefore, it is important for the good of the country that each department be managed efficiency and effectively . Moreover, since these cabinet officers are hand-picked by the president, any dishonesty or malfeasance on their part reflects badly on the President's judgment and management skills.