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they lost their jobs because of the economic problems and more import.

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Q: Why have people lost their jobs during the recession?
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How many people lost their jobs during the Great Recession?

About 10000000 its alot i knoe :(

How did a recession affect the United states Economy in 2007?

A lot of people lost their jobs.

What kind of work is good during recession?

Any Work!!!!!!! So many people have lost their jobs so it is better to have a job rather than any job! :)

How does the great depression the same as the recession?

well both times people lost money and jobs. and they both had sad people

What did the people do if they lost their jobs in1930?

During that time was the Great Depression. Hardly anyone had jobs.

How did the economic recession at the end of the first decade of this century compare to previous recessions?

It lasted longer, and more jobs were lost.

What was the effect of the stock market crash?

The biggest effect was that, the whole economy of USA and many other countries were sent into a recession. People lost their jobs, banks closed, businesses went bankrupt etc. Everyone lost money

How many people lost their jobs in November 2009?

11,000 people lost their jobs in November, 2009.

How many people lost their jobs in hurricane Katrina?

35,000 people lost there jobs in hurricane katrina.

How does a recession affect us?

Is causes inflation everywhere we are already seeing it. Ex: Gas, corn, rice... homes are declining because people don't have enough to buy them also.

How many people lost there jobs in mauna loa?

In the 1984 eruption about 13 people lost their jobs in the mauna loa volcano.

What happen to ordinary workers during the great depression People stop spending money on the stock prices?

They lost their jobs.