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The United States gained independence from England in 1789.

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Q: Why independence from England what group gained political power in the 1940?
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Which group of colonist wanted to fight for Independence from England?


What was the name for the group of colonists who supported the movement for independence from England?


Which militant Islamic group gained political power in the palestinian territories in the 2006 elections?


Which militant Islamic group gained political power in the palestinian territories in the 2006 election?


What Political group in England that supported broad royal powers?


Which group had political control of the new England colonies what were they like?

the puritans- all about religion

Which religious group became a political group in western Europe?

The first religious group to become political activist (although not a political party as such) were the Calvinists in what later became the Dutch Republic., rising against their Catholic Spanish King and gaining independence after an eighty year-long war.

Why did a group of delegates risk their lives to declare independence from the King George III of England?

Because they cared for their contry

Why did they write the decoration of independence?

The Declaration of Independence (I assume that is what you are referring to) was written to declare our independence from England. Contrary to common belief, this document has no form of government. Our modern government is not directly affected by the Declaration at all. Basically, people were sick of England's grip on our nation. A group of men came together and officially declared independence by means of the Declaration of Independence.

What is a political group called?

A political group is called a "party" or "political group"

What country did the US declare it's independence from?

England Britain. At that point they were simply group of colonies and became independent, then became "the U.S."

How do you describe Fourth of July?

Independence Day was When A group of English men Such as George Washington, Ben Franklin, ect. in 1776 Signed a Document that declared independence from England, or When the Revoulutionary War Begun.