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It's important so that when they grow up they can lead they're life and they'll be more succesfull in the future. otherwise they will always need peoples help.

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independence is usually important to a country

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Q: Why independence is important for children?
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How important are the ideals of the declaration of independence to you today?

How important are the ideals of the declartion of independence to you today?why

How important was the Declaration of Independence?

Very important, it was the letter sent from the colonists to the king explaining why they want independence.

Why is the declaration of independence is an important document?

The document said that we were a country and we were free of Great Britain's rule.

The gaining of Mexican Independence was important to?

the gaining of Mexican independence was important inAllowing trade along santa fe trail

Where is the Children'S Peace Pavilion in Independence Missouri located?

The address of the Children'S Peace Pavilion is: 1001 W Walnut St, Independence, MO 64050-3562

Why is it important for children to explore their ideas freely?

Exploring ideas freely helps children develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking abilities. It also fosters a sense of independence and confidence in their own abilities. This exploration lays the foundation for lifelong learning and innovation.

What important document starts with the words When in the course of human events?

It is The Declaration of Independence.

Why are the colonies important?

they dot our independence

Declaration of independence important?


Why data independence is important?


How was Benjamin Franklin important to the colonist fight for independence?

Benjamin Franklin was important to the colonists' fight for independence because he secured help from the French.

Why is child initiated play important?

Child initiated play is important as it allows children to explore their interests, develop creativity, problem-solving skills, and learn at their own pace. It promotes independence, decision-making, and social skills, while also fostering a sense of autonomy and self-confidence in children.