Why is Federation good?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Federalism is vital when dealing with large portion size countries. Such includes: USA. Why did the Roman Empire fail? The territory was too big to control under one central elite group, aka government as we know it. Federalism divides the power within its' borders with its states. There exists 1) Dual Federalism. 2) Cooperative Federalism. This excludes both types of governments (National and State) from becoming too powerful and maintaining order. Think of it as "Checks and Balances". A great analogy is described as the cake layer metaphor. It concludes that dual federalism consists of a layer cake where one layer is all chocolate and the other is all vanilla; meaning completely separate, they both have their independent laws. Cooperative Federalism consists of marble cake. There is a mix of chocolate and vanilla in the whole cake; meaning the national government can intervene with actions that require drastic circumstances such as "The Great Depression". The new deal was brought by president F.D.R. to boost the Economy which the states had no power of doing. The states can borrow money "grant-in-aid" from the national government since they don't have the power to tax. There are many ways in which federalism is a great type of government, but these examples should exemplify its great attributes to large nations. All of this to maintain order, prosperity, freedom, and peace under one nation.


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Federation is good because it draws nation pride, can make better defence to nations and gives country a better profile.(:

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Q: Why is Federation good?
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