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The Battle of Trenton is considered Washington's finest moment because the victory he achieved there not only boosted morale, it gained new recruits. He was able to not only capture Princeton and retake control of New Jersey, he was able to capture over 1,000 feared Hessian mercenaries. The victory was achieved with very little loss of life on the American side.

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Q: Why is George Washington's finest moment the Battle of Trenton on December 241776?
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What was the battle of Trenton about?

washingtons great war

When was the Trenton battle?

The Trenton Battle was in December in the year of 1776.

How washingtons army was able to defeat the hessians at the battle of Trenton?

They had more troops

What was the date when the battle of Trenton?

the date of the Trenton battle was on December 25,1776

When was the battle of Trenton started?

The Battle of Trenton started on December 26, 1776.

When did the battle of Trenton take place?

The Battle of Trenton was on December 26, 1776.

How long was the battle of Trenton?

The battle of Trenton was from the evening of December 25th 1776 to the mid afternoon of December 26th 1776.

What was george washingtons plan of attack for the battle of Trenton?

George Washington's plan of attack for the Battle of Trenton was to engulf Rall's forces. He was going to do it with two columns of 2,4000 men.

Where was the battle of Trenton located?

The battle of Trenton took place on December 25, 1776 in Trenton, New Jersey on the Delaware River.

When was the battle of trenton?

December 26, 1776

Where did the battle of Trenton take place at?

The Battle of Trenton occurred close to Trenton, New Jersey. It was during the American Revolutionary War in December 1776.

Battle fought on December 26 1776?