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because bill wants to find a way to get back into the white house

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Q: Why is Hillary Clinton running for president?
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What did Hillary Clinton want to do?

Hillary Clinton was running for president during the last election.

Who has Hillary Clinton chosen as her running mate?

As of September 2014, Hillary Clinton has not yet announced that she is running for president. She has not announced any possible running mates.

Who is running against Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton was running against John McCain & Barrack Obama, our new president, before she dropped out of the race.

When would women first run for president?

Hillary Clinton is running 4 president dis year

Is Hillary Clinton still running for president?

No, she lost in the Democratic Primary to Barack Obama.

Who was Hillary Clinton's running mate?

Tim Kaine, the senator from Virginia was Hillary Clinton's running mate in 2016.

Is Hillary Clinton a good president?

Hillary Clinton is not, and has never been, President of the United States.

What is Hillary Clinton's job title in the President's cabnet?

Hillary Clinton is President O'Bama's Secretary of State.

Is Hillary Clinton president?

No she is not.

What is Bill Clinton's role in Hillary Clinton's campaign?

Bill Clinton's role in Hillary Clinton's campaign is he, as a former president, tries to draw supporters to Hillary Clinton.

Who is Hillary R Clinton?

president Clinton wife

Is Hillary Clinton divorcing?

No she is not. Hillary is still happily married to the former President Bill Clinton.