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Do you remember when America had a budget surplus, the wealthy had special tax breaks, and "trickle-down" was the phrase of the day? Businesses wanted smaller, less invasive government. There was big money to be made in the Stock Market, and bank loans were easy to get. Then it all went bad. The markets crashed, banks needed bailouts, and businesses closed. Soon economies were collapsing globally as our unemployment worsened.

You're likely thinking of recent years, not 1929. The names have changed, but the politics and reasons are strangely alike.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana, 1905

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The expression is simple when you think about it.

History is talking about wars and tragidies etc from the past, But it all goes back to decisions by the monarchy (King or Queen or Steward) or a government. Which therefore makes it Politics, from the past..Or Past Politics

And the politics and terror wars and other things our government are currently doing, in 60 years will be classed as history, So therefore politics is todays history or Present history

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Q: Why is History a past politics and politics present history?
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What does politics have to do with history?

The present is the result of past politics and that is the connection between politics and history.

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"history is past politics"

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past history- means that history already happened or the history is done present history- means that history may happen at present or the happening in the present today

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History is the bridge connecting past and present, shaping and influencing the world we live in today. The events, decisions, and people of the past have a direct impact on the current state of society, culture, politics, and technology. Understanding history helps us make sense of the present and provides valuable insights into where we come from and where we are heading.

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social science

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documentation of events present and past

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Art History!

What is the synonym of history?

documentation of events present and past

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art history

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Yes world history from the past to the present on the local, national, and global spheres is interrelated.

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Connecting the past and present.

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