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just name

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Q: Why is a pent house called a pent house?
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When was Pent-House Mouse created?

Pent-House Mouse was created on 1963-07-27.

How do you use pent in a sentence?

The odor was pent-up inside the house

What words start with pent?

Pent, penta, pentagon, pentameter, Pentateuch, pentathion, Pentecost, Pentecostal, pent-house,pent-up,Pentagon, penthouse, and Pentecost

What are the ratings and certificates for Pent-House Mouse - 1963?

Pent-House Mouse - 1963 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved (PCA #20646)

What does the word PENT mean in Scotland with reference to a house?

A pent roof is a roof that slopes only one way.

What does pent house mean?

a special apartment on the top floor of a building;

When do beavis and butthead come to the pent house in stick rpg 2?


Why is the pentagon shape the way it is?

because think of a pent house and a pentagon is sort of like a house look- / \ | | ___ see?

What are the houses of the Parliament?

british parliment have two houses ...(1) house of lords ..(upper house)(2)house of common ..(lower house )

Why did Nora go to Jimmy's pent house in Love Notes?

to return his jacket - audiee

What hotel did Justin Bieber stay at in Memphis?

I think the pea body pent house

The prefix for five?

pent (i.e. five sided shape is called a pentagon)