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Civic and political participation is important so that decisions are not made by a few people. Participation by the masses insures greater freedom.

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Q: Why is civic and political participation is important?
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The idea of political efficacy means that people will vote if they believe?

their vote can make a difference.

What does civic participation?

what does civic partipation mean

What does civic participation means?

what does civic partipation mean

Explain civic participant and parochial political cultures in detail?

Civic culture is characterized by acceptance of the state's authority, and participation in civic duties, and in a participant political culture, citizens can influence the way the government operates, while in a parochial political culture, citizens are only satisfied by the presence of a central government and cannot question.

What is the relationship between civic republicanism and civic education?

In its best form, civic republicanism requires civic education for its proper execution in modern political life. Harkening to the ancient Greek city-states, civic republicanism calls for political participation by all, and consequently, requires some form of civic education to best effectuate its primary purpose. In short, there is no effective civic republicanism without civic education.

Why do you think it is important that a participates in the political process?

Participation in electoral processes involves much more than just voting. Political participation derives from the freedom to speak out, assemble and associate; the ability to take part in the conduct of public affairs; and the opportunity to register as a candidate, to campaign, to be elected and to hold office at all levels of Government.

What is an example of civic participation in local government?

Forming an awareness group for pollutants is an example of civic participation in local government.

What was one of the benefit of the spoil system?

It boosted political participation >NovaNet<

Robert Putnam and other political scientists have argued that the decline in civic participation is due to what?

the increasing utilization of television and other electronic media.

What are the requirements for representative democracy?

money, voting, political parties, civic participation, youth involvement, economy, and power of national/state gov.

How does that and encourage civic participation?


Is there any difference between public participation citizen participation community participation civil participation and civic participation?

Self Interest :) apex