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People pay for the government themselves.

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Q: Why is democracy referred to as self government?
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What are some synonyms for democracy?

self-government, republic, commonwealth

What is the synonym of the word democracy?

self-government, republic, commonwealth

Why was virginias government important?

It introduced the concept of self government and democracy to the America's.

How did self gov sart?

Self government began in Ancient Greece where they formed the first democracy.

Which of these is the idea of people in countries being able to choose their own governments?


What are the functions of local self government in rural and urban area?

It means a macro democracy.

How does the Russian government work?

there are no companys and the only rich people are the Russian government in that country

What were examples of the development of self government and democracy in the British colonies?

Some examples are Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Was the Mayflower Compact an example of direct democracy?

self government civis is so funn its my favorite class

What was one reason city-states turned to democracy?

Rule by the aristocratic oligarchs was ruthless and self-serving. Democracy gave them the voice in government and decision-making.

What was the first document that establish self-government by creating a direct democracy in the colonies?

I don't know, I'm sorry.

How did Greek democracy work?

every free man has the right to self-repesentation in deciding government policy and law