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Development means the positive change that improves the living standard of people. It is very much important for the progress of a country. It signifies progress and growth of a country.

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Q: Why is development important in the world at present?
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Define post development?

Development after some important event. Example: the world had a great post development.

How the development of PCs has extended the use of computer at present age?

how the development of pc has extended the use of computerin today's world

Why is community development in Egypt important to the US?

hey i wanna know if you mean ancient egpyt or present egpyt?

Why is a theoretical understanding of social development in third world countries so important?

It is important to understand the social development in third world countries because much of the political unrest in third world countries is the product of social and economic disparties.

Why was the carvel an important development in navigation?

Europeans could begin exploring the world

What are the characteristics of human capital development?

as we know human capital is one factors of production and its the most important one without there is no development in the world

Are hydroponics the answer to potential world food shortages?

At the present level of development certainly not. If substantial advances are made then it may help.

Euclid was important to the development of?

Euclid was important to the development of geometry.

Why is it important to know about Asia?

to know the past and present is very important to know, because Asia is the biggest continent of the world.....

What development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future?

Sustainable Development

Why ICT is important to Hong Kong economy development?

ICT is important to Hong Kong economy development because Hong Kong is planning to shut down all the other computers in the world so that it becomes the leading city in technology. Hong Kong is planning world domination!

What is an important development in human culture?

Writing was an important part of the development in human culture.