Why is education power?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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it gets you farther in life. without education,you cant get a good job, and without a good job you cant get anywhere and get no money

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Q: Why is education power?
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What is the role of education to make India a super power?

Education is power. India can be made superpower with education.

Who has the power over education?

There are many people who have power over education. Every student and teacher has power over their own education for example.

What power does the president have over education?

What type of education that the student get.

Education a reserved power?

Education is considered a reserved power for the states. This is because education is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution.

What has the author Ellen Power written?

Ellen Power has written: 'Guerrilla mum' -- subject(s): Special education, Mainstreaming in education, Inclusive education 'Public libraries and life-long integrated education'

Does tidal power effect education?


What type of education helps Nepal to produce skill man power?

Quality education helps Nepal to produce skill man power.

Are education is reachable by police power?

No, proper education and learning cannot be gained by force.

What is an example of a state reserved power?


What is the disadvantages of education?

actually there are no disadvantages for education because knowledge is power

Is one power of the states to provide education?

Yes it is.

What is Gyeongin National University of Education's motto?

Gyeongin National University of Education's motto is 'Great power'.