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Humidified helium replaced oxygen to prevent further erosion

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Q: Why is helium use to protect the constitution?
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What was the principal motivation for drafting the bill of rights?

To Protect the rights that were not specified in the Constitution. In my opinion it also was a compromise for the Anti-Federalists, since this was main reason for not ratifying the Constitution.

What is a common use for helium?

helium balloons

Use the word ratify in a sentence?

many people refuse to RATIFY the Constitution because they thought that it did not protect their rights

Where are human rights included in the constitution?

were is it in the constitution that you have the right to protect your property

How doe the constitution protect you from unlawful imprisonment?

because you can not brak what on the constitution

What has the author C Summa written?

C. Summa has written: 'On the helium content of [alpha] CMi' -- subject(s): Constitution, Helium, Stars

What can i use instead of helium?

You can use air but it won't float so I would recommend helium. If you suck in helium, it will make your voice sound weird.... Try it!!

How does the constitution protect future Americans?

constitution to protect life property and Proust of happiness

What does the President promise to do in his oath of office?

He promises to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Why did Sam Adams opposed the Constitution?

he believd that the constitution did not protect peoples rights as so the Bill of Rights did

Why were the Bill of Rights included with the Constitution?

They were added after the constitution was adopted to protect our rights

How did the Soviet Union's written constitution fail to protect it's people's rights?

It wasn't the constitution that failed to protect rights, it's the fact that the government was never based on the constitution and didn't follow it.