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Military leadership and dealing with foreign nations require quick and decisive action, especially in an emergency. Both conditions are more likely when control is held by one person and not a large group of legislators with varying opinions. The president also has access to relevant secret information through executive agencies like the CIA and NSC that is not widely available to Congress

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Q: Why is it better that the president rather than congress control the nation's military and foreign policy?
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Why is better that the president rather than congress control the nations military and foreign roles?

The president can move quickly and with one mind. He also has only one staff to keep from leaking secrets instead of 535 staffs to control.

Can the president control trade with foreign nations?

He/She can make treaties, but they need to be approved by Congress.

Who let's the president declare war?

The President can not declare war. Only Congress can declare war, usually at the request of the President. Subject to limitations by Congress, the president can take military action. For example, the can order the bombing of foreign targets or send troops into a foreign country.

What tensions may arise from the division of the war powers between the congress and the president?

The Congress has the ultimate control over the President's military power. However, the President is the supreme commander of all US military forces and can order military action such as air strikes or even armed intervention into a foreign country, and this is where disputes may arise with Congress. Congress controls the purse strings and so any unauthorized military action must be done with military supplies that are already on hand and so must be relatively limited and short-lived unless Congress agrees to authorize additional funds. Such authorization is likely to provoke resistance and debate in Congress. It is especially irksome if the President starts a war that is hard to get out of gracefully or safely for the troops involved and thus more of less forces Congress to support. .

How does Congress control the President's foreign policy by checks and balances?

The President cannot unilaterally declare war without the consent of Congress. The President has to present evidence to Congress that a war would be necessary and legal. Thus Congress acts to check the President's power.

Who helps the president in foreign policies?

the congress

Should congress or the president have power in conducting foreign affairs?

I think that both Congress and the president should have power in conducting foreign affairs. Some powers are not listed in the Constitution but both the president and Congress should have some exclusive foreign policy powers.

Can the president establish foreign trade policies without congressional approval?

The President can make treaties but only with the advice and consent of the US Senate. Congress may give him some discretionary power to control trade, but the ultimate power over foreign trade rests with Congress.

What committee are the president's foreign and military advisors in?

The President of the United States has foreign and military advisers on the Cabinet. Cabinet members are appointed by the President to help make national decisions.

What types of agreement can the president make with foreign countries?

The US Constitution divides the foreign policy powers between the President and Congress so both share in foreign policy.

What is the most effective way for congress to prevent a presidents's foreign policy?

Cut off budget support for the policy.

What role does congress play in American foreign policy?

It can limit what the President can do because, for example, it has the power to declare war and to approve or deny funds.