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Power looms and handlooms are the tools of the poor folk of India with which they earn their livelihood.Most of the people own just one loom which is what helps put food on the family table(not that they can afford the luxury of owning a table even).It must be conceded that these people have over the years refined the looms and also developed their own designs keeping in mind the latest trends,colours et al.Modern technology has enabled imitating the work of these artisans and mass production rendering

the poor weavers idle without any means of

plying their trade in the face of stiff competition.

They are not educated enough to think of patenting their innovations and designs which are easily duplicated by the mill sector and even patented.Mass production results in lowering the market prices which results in

build up of inventories with the poor which they can ill afford.One could write a thesis on the subject of the ramifications of the slow demise of the power loom and the handloom sectors.

But suffice it to say that it behooves both the government and the mill owners to strike a balance which will aloow these poor artisans to ply their trade without fear of being rendered

obsolescent or without any means of earning a decent and dignified livelihood.

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It is important for India to do this because the mill sector shares only 6% of the total production, and the power loom together with hand loom makes up the other 94%.

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Q: Why is it important for your country to keep the mill sector loomage lower than powerloom and handloom?
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