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Because they have rights too! Just because they can't speak in our language, it doesn't mean you can dis-respect them.. its unfair and cruel and that's why someone (the government) have to protect them ! x

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Q: Why is it important for your government to have laws that protect animals?
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Is the government helping the polar bear?

Yes by putting laws to protect the animals

What are the most important duties of government?

Government's important duties include making laws and enforcing those laws in order to protect its citizens. Another important duty of government is to provide for under privileged members of government.

What government agencies enforce the laws to protect society?

It is the EXECUTIVE Branch of government that enforces the laws.

What are Canada's laws that protect animals?

dont kill them

Did the government stepped in to make laws to protect the ozone?

Yes, the government did step it. It made laws to ban CFC's.

Why do some people think there are too many laws for animals?

because animals are in danger so people made laws to protect them.

Why does the government pass laws?

to protect the people's natural rights.

How does the government protect your rights?

they have certain laws to protect our rights such as people who commit crimes are prosecuted

How does obeying the law protect us and other people?

If children were all raised to respect everyone, we would need far fewer laws. Some laws were written to increase our safety (e.g. traffic laws) and to protect property from robbery (laws against trespassing, and, of course, stealing). Some laws (Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech) were instituted to keep the government from becoming a dictatorship. We need some laws that don't exist, e.g. laws with severe punishment to protect animals from human cruelty.

What is movement by farmers to protect high taxes?

The part of government that passes laws

What is government attempting to protect with civil right laws?

the US economy and consumers

How can the government protect child?

There are laws that prohibit child abuse or any mistreatment towards any child. However, the government cannot directly protect children.