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because the public need this information for democracy to function effectively

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Q: Why is it important that the media inform the public about candidates policies and other matters on the public agenda?
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a news website decides it will not covers a candidate’s charitable work, instead reporting on his recent votes to cut funding for education. What method of shaping public opinion does this represent?


What agenda might the media have?

A political agenda. To get certain politicians elected. An economic agenda. To get certain policies passed than will make them rich and powerful.

Government sets smaller goals in order for the larger goals of the public agenda to eventually be reached.?


To reach the goals of the public agenda policies may be implemented or laws must be passed?

Yes, policies can be implemented to address public agenda goals through government actions and initiatives. Laws can be passed to provide a legal framework to enforce these policies and ensure compliance from all stakeholders. Both policies and laws play a critical role in achieving the objectives set by the public agenda.

What are the smaller goals the government in order to reach the larger goal of the public agenda?


What are the smaller goals the government sets in order to reach the longer goals of the public agenda?


What is the agenda setting process?

The agenda setting process has to do with organizing meetings. The agenda is usually what is discussed at meetings in a preset order. A city council, for example, might discuss financial matters first, before discussing a problem a community member has.

Is it true to reach the goals of the public agenda policies may be implemented or law must be passed?


What is a candidate-centered campaign and Why does it effect lower voter turnout?

The public wants to vote because of the candidate's ideology and view of national issues, not if they live like the average middle-class worker or if they drive the same car as you. People who don't receive enough information about the candidate on how he/she will solve certain issues on the policy agenda won't vote at all.

What were the major components of Madison's post-war agenda?

the major components of Madison's post war agenda were to encourage nationalism which would eventually lead into jacksons democratic party and not partake with federalist policies

Distinguish the difference between a chairman's agenda and an ordinary agenda?

chairman's agenda has notes at the right site of an agenda.this where he/she write all important thin to discuss during the meeting

What is a slate of candidates?

A slate of candidates refers to a group of individuals who are running for office together under a common agenda or platform, often endorsed by a political party or organization. This group is presented to voters as a unified ticket, with each candidate supporting the others on the slate.