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The people are not an element of the state rather, the state is an element of the people. Governments do not preexist people, it was people who created governments and the notion of state. It bares repeating. The state did not create the people, the people create the state. Elements of the state are the branches, or columns or estates established to create legislation and enforce and be judicious over such legislation. No matter who it is that rules or governs, no matter where one might live, it is an axiom worth remembering that the people are the holders of the original political power.

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Well because people keep the earth going and it makes d earth happy

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Q: Why is it that people is a element of state?
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there are 4 elements on a state people, territory, sovereignoity and government :)

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People are considered the most important element in a state because they make up the society, contribute to the economy, participate in governance, and shape the culture and identity of the nation. Their well-being, rights, and participation are crucial for the state's stability and progress.

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