Why is junta undemocratic?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Junta is undemocratic because if the government is unable to control the people, the military would step in, seize power, & form a new, harsher government.

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Q: Why is junta undemocratic?
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How do you use undemocratic in a sentence?

The word "undemocratic" literally means "not democratic. " An example of a sentence using the word "undemocratic" is "The legally elected government was replaced with an undemocratic dictatorship. "

Is United Nations undemocratic for India?

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What is the root of undemocratic?

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When was The Junta of the Philippines created?

The Junta of the Philippines was created in 1815.

What is the root word of undemocratic?

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Use junta in a sentence?

* After the coup, the country was ruled by a junta of revolutionists.

How do you use the word Junta in a sentence?

The junta sentenced him to death by firing squad.

What is the population of Junta de Traslaloma?

Junta de Traslaloma's population is 200.

How is a military junta appointed?

A junta is a government that is led by a military committee. Usually the leaders of a junta are the military leaders who started the coup that led to the overthrow of the government.

What is the area of Watrous La Junta?

The area of Watrous - La Junta - is 14.488 square kilometers.

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