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I have yet to hear a legitimate argument why. My best guess is that Alchohol makes money and is heavily taxed therefore it makes money for the govt..and whe all know money is basically all the govt cares about.

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because beer and whiskey is alot harder to make. most people would be afraid of getting alchohol poisoning if they made their own. when marijuanna all you do is grow it dry it out and smoke it. so they make more money off fines and court costs. then they redistribute it back on the streets. when beer they can market it then fine you for drinking one beer and driving.

they cram all these ads and junk that marijuanna is bad for you. smoking it causes brain cells to die yes and it is bad for the lungs. but if it was legal and you drank it as a tea or ate it. there would be no harmful side effects from the THC while still getting high momentarly. it is still not good for children to do drugs drink or smoke. but its ok for you to get your head blown off in a forien country that our government picked a fight with, because they did not like what they do.

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Q: Why is marijuanna illegal and booze not?
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