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so many people are against evoluton because a non living organisms cant reproduce.

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Q: Why is that many people are against evolution in public education?
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What did people see public education as a tool for in 1900?

People desipised those who were educated from the public education system during this time. They thought that public education was for the poor and was looked down upon.

What are the evolution of public administration in Nigeria?

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In 1925 this case involved a Tennessee law against the teaching of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in public schools?

The case is known as the Scopes Trial, where John Scopes, a high school teacher, was charged with violating the law by teaching evolution. The trial brought attention to the clash between religion and science in American education.

What was the legacy of the scopes trial?

The Scopes Trial, also known as the "Scopes Monkey Trial," highlighted the debate between evolution and creationism in public education. Despite John Scopes being found guilty of teaching evolution in a Tennessee school, the trial brought national attention to the issue and helped shift public opinion towards the acceptance of evolution. It also contributed to the ongoing discussions on the separation of church and state in education.

What has the author George H Martin written?

George H. Martin has written: 'The evolution of the Massachusetts public school system' -- subject(s): Education, History

Why were many people exposed to the Scopes Monkey Trial?

The Scopes Monkey Trial garnered widespread attention because it was the first major legal case concerning the teaching of evolution in public schools. The trial pitted the theory of evolution against creationism, two highly debated topics at the time. This clash of ideas resulted in a high level of public interest and media coverage.

Is education public or private good?

Education can be public. Education can also be private.

Should school uniform be abolished?

No, there is always a place for private schools, but some people think that public education should be. We need public education.

Who regulates public education?

The people who control the school is either the board of education in that certain town or city or the principal

Why did people begin to see the need for public eduction?

They started education for people to have knowledge and for them to learn.

What was epperson v Arkansas about?

A Supreme Court decision that invalidated the Arkansas law against the teaching of human evolution in public schools. !968, I think.

How can you get people to care about Polar Bears?

Through public information and education campaigns