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Because it allows people to elect it's representives indirectly through other elected officials.

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Q: Why is the U.S a representative republic?
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What form of democracy is the US?

The US government is a republic, and a representative democracy.

Is the US a parlimentary democracy?

No, the United States is a representative republic.

How did the direct democracy in the US form?

The United States is a representative republic, not a direct democracy, as a result, the question is unanswerable. As for how the US became a representative republic, this was through the approval of the US Constitution of 1789, which is still in power today.

What was the plan of government agred upon the US?

The USA is a representative republic.

To what extent is the US a direct democracy a representative democracy or a republic?

The US is primarily a representative democracy with elements of a republic. In a representative democracy, citizens elect officials to make decisions on their behalf, which aligns with the US system of electing representatives at various levels of government. Furthermore, the US operates as a republic, where power is held by elected officials and laws are created through a system of representative government rather than direct citizen participation in decision-making.

What is a representative democratic republic?

Being a republic is independent of being a representative democracy.

Is US a democratic republic?

Yes, A republic is a representative democracy where the people vote for representatives to wield power in their stead. Like in the USA

What system of government does the U.S. have?

federal system

Which are the representative democracy in the US?

We are a representative REPUBLIC, not a democracy. The last great democracy was in France and ended with the revolution of 1788-89 ( " let them eat cake" ).

What is a government in which citizens elect representative?

A Republic .

A government based on a representative democracy is called a?

A republic is also called a representative democracy.

Does Mexico oppress its people?

No. Mexico is a federal presidential representative republic which works just like the US Government.