Why is the census created?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The census was created because back in the day Thomas Jefferson created it so that he can know the amount of people that lived in each area so that he can be able to provide enough goods and food for the people of the US.

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The census was first created in 1790 by the US Census Bureau.

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The reason for the census is to get a rough estimate of how many people live in America. Though it is useful, it can never be exact.

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Q: Why is the census created?
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When was The Census Taker created?

The Census Taker was created in 1984-07.

When was Census Information Center created?

Census Information Center was created in 1988.

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United States Senate Committee on the Census was created in 1878.

Which house of congress is responsible for the census?

If you're asking which house of Congress is effected by the census that would be the House of Representatives. If you're asking who controls the United States Census Bureau, it is neither of them. They created the census by the legislative process, but the enforcement of the law is headed by the President who chooses the agency director. It is a part of the Department of Commerce.

What do you call the population count that is taken every ten year?

The census, in many places, counts the population every 10 years.

Is the 2010 census a worldwide census?

There never has been a worldwide census. The census in the US that was conducted in 2010 was a census of people living in the US and its possessions.

What is the homonym for 'census'?

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What is a population count known as?

Enumeration is one possible answer. The census is another.

Why do you think the census Bureau created sub-regions?

When the regions are too large, you break them up into sub-regions.