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If the United States is to remain a true democracy, the voting rights of all people must be secured and guaranteed. Otherwise, certain groups will not find representation in government and will not be able to take part by holding public office. Because the Constitution did not establish voter rights for all groups, subsequent government actions had to be taken to do so.

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Q: Why is the issue of voters rights so important in the US?
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What form of government found in the US?

The US is a Constitutional Republic. It differs from a "pure" democracy in that voters do not vote on every issue, but elect people to represent them.

What is the issue voters are using the most to determine their choice?

The need for real change in US politics, economic policy and world image.

Why are rights important to us?

They have the right to elect the members of the national Government

Why is the bill of rights do important to us as citizens?

because it is good to know

If an illegal alien and a US citizen are to get a divorce and they have a baby born in the US would both have custody rights?

Immigration status is a completely separate issue from child custody rights.

What issue caused many to initially oppose the ratification of the us constitution?

Absence of bill of rights

What is the most important right given in the US?

It is important to note that our rights are not "given" to us by the US Government or any other such entity. Our natural rights, many of which are outlined in the Bill of Rights and elsewhere in the US Constitution, come from our humanity, our Creator, and/or by virtue of our existence as free people. The purpose of the rights listed in the US Constitution is not to "give" them to us, but rather to ensure that the Government does not infringe upon them. It isn't a declaration of our rights, but an acknowledge of them.

Does everyone have the same rights in the us?

no; the civil rights movement was important because it provided equality

Was their any ladies who signed the Bill of Rights?

no probly not <><><> No one signed the Bill of Rights. It is part of the US Constitution. The Consitution was ratified by states, not signed. If you mean the Declaration of Independence, no- women were not voters or politicians at that time.

Has everyone in the US held equal rights?

no; the Civil Rights Movement was important because it provided equality

Did the US fight the war of 1812 over the issue of states' rights?

No, the British were stopping American ships and taking off sailors. This was called impressment. The States rights issue was the civil war over a hundred years later.

What is one way that US politics and political campaigns are affected by minor parties?

They raise issues that become important to a lot of voters.