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The main reason for a census is to determine how many people there are and also their specific needs. It can also be launched in a business or school to determine for example how much effort is put into work or even the likes or dislikes of other staff. To shorten it, a census is there to get information about a specific group of people and improve work enviroment.

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Answer: to determine how many representatives each state would have in the house of representatives.


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To determine reps per state,

It is simple logic. Sit down and try to fairly write any document between several parties It came down to as always trying to improvise. It was the good reason for a census at the time the constitution was in infancy.

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The US census helps to determine congressional representation.

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The US Constitution requires a new census every 10 years to determine how many Representatives each state will have in Congress (which is determined by the population of the states).

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Q: Why is the national census required?
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How the census will be taken?

A national census form is sent to every home in the country and is required to be filled out and returned by a certain date. If the form is not sent back, a representative will visit you at home to fill out the form with you.

What is national census?

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What is a sentence for census?

A national census is taken every ten years by the US Census Bureau.

Is date of birth required on 2010 census?

Yes, the date of birth is required on the 10' Census.

Who issued a decree requiring a census of everyone in the roman empire?

Caesar Augustus required the census

Which organisation conduct census?

The U.S. Census Bureau conducts the national census in the United States. Other countries have their own official departments which collect census data.

Who has to respond to the UK national census?

Everyone living in the UK on the day for which the census applies. The Census takes place every ten years.

Where can one find information about the government census?

You can find information about the UK Census on the website of the Office for National Statistics. For the US Census you can find information at the United States Census Bureau website.

A sentence using the word census?

The last national census revealed that unbelievers are the fasting growing religious group.

What information is required by law on the 2010 US Census?


What do you mean by the term census?

The census is a questionnaire which is sent to every person living in a country. It is sent out every 10 years and in the US is required by the constitution.

Can you find a national bank note census online?

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