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Because the people let it happen. Everything runs on a supply and demand system. People have gotten spoiled down through the last 50 years, and everyone played now and paid later. ( Not!) Americans should stick together and when prices go up, don't buy the product. If no one was buying it would bring the price down. That's how it used to work. Americans get it if they want it, and most likley don't even need it. This country needs money brought in from all the other countries of the world, if we do not get that money, this country will fail and it's monetary system will too, but they will make a one world government with a chip or debet scan, and that is where we are headed unless we stop importing more than we export.

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Q: Why is the stability of the us government such a large factor in the monetary system?
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When studying the traffic system you learned that is a major factor in every social system?

Directional stability

What are the factors affecting the stability of financial system in India?

social factor legal factor economical factor political factor technological factor

The part of the federal government responsible for monetary policy is?

the Federal Reserve System

What was the annuity system involving the US government and Indian tribes?

system under which the federal government gave annual monetary grants to Indians

What changes occurred to institutions during the middle ages?

Went from Centralized government to decentralized government, monetary system to barter system, jury system to trial by combat.

Law related to Philippine monetary system?

The main laws to do with the Philippine monetary system involve interest rates and taxation. The government can alter interest rates to increase or decrease money flows.

What has the author Andrew Crockett written?

Andrew Crockett has written: 'Strengthening the international monetary system' -- subject(s): Monetary policy, International finance, Foreign exchange 'Banking Supervision and Financial Stability (William Taylor'

What is the Two major virtues of the market system are?

stability of government Democracy Rule of law

What form of government created the federal reserve system?

The American Republic created the first federal reserve system.

What was a monetary system in which the government would give people silver and gold in exchange for paper currency?


What suggestions did the populists make for expanding the power of the government?

the government could adopt a graduated income tax,make loans to farmers,protect consumers from unsafe products,and form a monetary system plan

Is it legal to develop a new monetary system in the US?

No. Never for a "private" non-government monetary system, but, yes, it would have to be introduced as a Bill into Congress, and the entire lawmaking process would have to take place in order to pass it.