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No one really knows who's it is. But conspiracy theorist think its Thomas pane.

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Q: Why is there a hand print on the bottom left corner of the declaration of independence?
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Who is Mary Kathrine Goddard?

she was the first to print the Declaration of Independence with the names of the signitures.

How do you make a fake declaration of independence with parchment for a school project?

you can find a copy of the declaration of independance and import it to word and print it.

Was it in cursive declaration of independents?

kind of. the Declaration of Independence was written in a fancy hand writing. I believe they used both cursive and print

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What was the last colony to approve the Declaration of Independence?

No colony accepted the Declaration they weren't asked to agree or vote on it. The Declaration was written and then published for the colonies to see and read. The publication took place in July of 1776, but Congress didn't vote on it until October 1776.

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What was the second continental congress about?

The Second Continental Congress took place after the battles at Lexington and Concord. It was during this convention that a Continental Army was formed, the agreement to print money was made, and, the Declaration of Independence was authorized.