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Because 'conservative' and liberal' have no fixed content in politics. Conservative politicians in for instance Scandinavia and The Netherlands would mostly be considered liberal, if not 'socialist' in the eyes of US politicians. And what with the whole political spectrum in the USA being much more to the right than that of many other Western countries, many US conservative politicians would find it hard if not impossible to find a local 'conservative' Party where they would feel at home - and US liberals would be considered to hold slightly right-wing conservative political views in those countries.

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The reason is because it is an idea and ideas change as society changes. The political conservative of today is more right wing than it use to be. Reagan, today, would be considered a liberal compared to the conservative of today. So, as political philosophy changes so does the definition.

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Q: Why is there no one clear definition for a political conservative?
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Was the American Revolution considered a radical movement?

The whole "Conservative vs Liberal" concept can be interpreted whatever way you like, but in general, "conservative" has historically been assigned to people, political parties and actions that are in their very nature resistant political, social or moral change. On the other hand, the term "Liberal" has been used to describe people, political parties and actions that embrace change. More recently, Liberal vs Conservative has morphed to describe socialist/communist vs capitalist/free market ideologies. Generally, the conservatives will argue that a free market economy will provide more opportunity for growth and allows anyone to succeed or fail, based on their own ability and motivation. Generally Liberals will argue that the masses are unable to adequately provide for themselves and must have the aid of the government to provide for their medical, shelter and food. Of course, dedicated Liberals would want to force everyone into the same system. King George and all of England were trying to maintain the existing system when the Patriots of the New World decided that they wanted to change their political system. The fact that they wanted to bring about change means that by one definition, they were Liberal. On the other hand, the fact that they were trying to conquer the new world with the aid of the Crown was an example of moral or social change, which would have been considered more Liberal, and the CROWN would have been considered the Liberal political movement. Which side was more Liberal and which was more conservative? You get to make that determination depending on your side of the argument.

In countries that have only one political party the political party?

imposes the governments will upon the people.

What are 3 agents of political socialization?

Refers to the process by which the central values of the political culture are transmitted from one generation to another. Refers to the process by which the central values of the political culture are transmitted from one generation to another.

One person with unlimited political power?

A form of government in which a single person holds unlimited political power.

Is canvassing for a candidate a form of political participation?

Yes, canvassing for a candidate is one way of participating in the political process.

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A Conservative (non-political) A Conservative (non-political) A Luddite

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What percentage of the human race is conservative?

The definition of "conservative" varies from country to country, so counting conservatives around the world has little meaning. In fact, no one has bothered to count.

Can one be a conservative Democrat?

Yes, just as one can also be liberal republican. These two views aren't bound to any political party.

What is the definition of the word reactionary?

Reactionary is a political term describing a type of person. Someone who sticks with the status quo from past political views. It is not a positive role that one can play.

What has the author RM Pilette written?

R.M Pilette has written: 'The political definition of health: working for control of one's life'

Where can one find information on tories?

One can find information on Tories (British Political Party) from: Wikipedia, Conservatives, Blogging Tories, Tories Fighting For The King, History Learning Site, Conservative Homes.

What is the United Kingdoms Conservative Party?

The Conservative Party is one of the main political parties in the UK. The current British Prime Minister - David Cameron - is a member of the Conservative Party but the party doesn't have overall control and has to serve as a coalition with the LibDem party headed by Nick Clegg. The Conservative Party is sometimes referred to by their opponents as 'The Tories' in a slightly derogatory manner. Addenda The Conservative Party is considered more to the right than the Labour Party - the other main political party in the UK - and is roughly in line with the Republican Party in the US. Though being called Tories by opponents it should be written more correctly Tory s or Tory-ism, which is based on traditional and conservative values. hence the name.

Which of these is the best definition of sectionalisma favoring of one section of the country over another by the federal government?

a political loyalty to one's state or region

What is a three dimensional object which has one base with the same sides of the same length?

Need a clear definition. Sounds like you are describing a 'cube' - almost.

Does one have to be a conservative to be a Christian?

No. Believing in God and being a conservative do not have to go hand in hand.

Definition of political law?

A political "law" is a phrase such as " all politics is local" that is repeated so often that it becomes "true." Such "truths" may stand the test of time, but many do not. For example, it used to be a political law that the Vice-presidency was one step away from total obscurity.