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Our president is different from the leaders of every other nation.Our president is very powerful but that is not the difference.The difference is that our president holds power for a limited time.

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Q: Why is your president different from other leaders?
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What branch of the US government has the power to meet with leaders of other countries?

the president was given the power to make treaties and speak to leaders of the different countries

Who is the great president of the world?

None, because the world has different leaders for different countries.

Who gives the power to meet with leaders from other countries?


What types of United States leaders meet leaders of other countries?

The United States President typically meets with some leaders of other countries during the presidency (typically within 4 years). Sometimes, the other leader visits the US to meet the USA's President; other times, the USA's President visits the other leader in their country. Additionally, the USA's Secretary of State may meet with other country's leaders. The Secretary of State usually does this on behalf of the USA's President.

What is a country's leader?

There are different titles for different leaders including the prime minister, king or queen, or president.

Does the president meet with leaders of other countries?

The United Nations (UN).

Who is the current president of Africa?

Africa is a continent, not a country. It consists of 53 different countries. So altogether there are many Presidents in Africa, and other types of leaders.

Why was Ataturk unique and different from other historical leaders?

Ataturk was unique and different from other historical leaders because of his competency and success at transforming Turkey.

How are leaders of the executive branch put into place?

The president and Vice President are elected, but other cabinet members are appointed.

How was a tyrant different from other leaders?

They Had The Poor Help Them :-)

What does the president appoint?

The President of the United States has the power to appoint many different offices. These include federal judges, ambassadors, cabinet officers, and military leaders.

What does the president do for he executive branch?

He carries out law, meets with other leaders,and leads military.