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The answer is on pages 140 to 145 in your Civics textbook. Read the assignment and you won't have to wait for some random person on the internet to give you the wrong answer!

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Q: Why isit often difficult to interpret the meaning of citizens right?
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How does the Federal Government often attempt to lessen the economic hardship for American citizens?

eliminate unemolyment

Who has the final authority to interpret the US Constitution?

The Judicial Branch of government is vested with the authority to interpret the Constitution and ensure that laws adhere to the spirit and letter of the Constitution. It is also responsible for determining how a laws are interpreted and applied.As the highest court in the nation, the US Supreme Courtis the ultimate authority on the interpretation of laws and the Constitution.However, through the system of checks and balances, the Supreme Court does not have the final say on what the Constitution is. The Congress, with the several States, has the authority to amend (change) the Constitution, thus potentially overturning a Supreme Court decision. This is a difficult and time-consuming thing to accomplish and so is not often done.

What two groups had opposite views about colonial independence?

Independence for the 13 British colonies in America was not a goal shared by all of its citizens. The group who wanted to stay part of the British empire were called loyalists, meaning they wanted to remain loyal to Great Britain. On the other hand, the people who desired independence were often called patriots. Meaning patriotic to the idea of independence.

What argument best responds to citizens who do not vote because they feel that no political candidates speak for them?

voting will help candidates reflect citizens' interests

What is Political Subculture?

Political cultures may be consensual or conflictual on issues of public policy and on their views of legitimate governmental and political arrangements. In a consensual political culture citizens tend to agree on the appropriate means of making decisions and tend to share views of what the major problems of the society are and how to solve these. In more conflictual cultures the citizens are sharply divided, often on both the legitimacy of the regime and solutions to major problems.

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In literature, meaning refers to the message or significance that the author is trying to convey through their work. It encompasses the themes, motifs, symbols, and ideas that readers can interpret and analyze to better understand the text. The meaning in literature often adds depth and complexity to the story, sparking discussion and interpretation among readers.

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Eating Pizza often